Adjusted Linoleum Tile Quilt Block

I found a picture of this block on a flickr page and absolutely fell in love!  I found directions for the original 6 inch version at I really wanted to find an excuse to make this, but a 6 inch block just isn’t my style.  I decided to make a tutorial about how I created this pattern in a finished 12 inch block.  (12.5 unfinished)

The first step was to take advantage of one of my favorite Michael Miller fabrics.

I used 4 fabrics.  I chose to fussy cut the center and use complementary fabrics on the sides.


I began by cutting my fabric.

I categorized the fabric into the following groups:

A – Red and Navy Stripes

B – Green with White Polka Dots

C – Navy with White Polka Dots

D – Navy “Rocket Club” Fussy Cut

Cut 1 – 2.5 inch strips from A

Cut 1 – 2.5 inch strips from C

Cut 4 – 4.5 inch squares from B

Fussy Cut 1 – 4.5 inch square from D

Cut 8 – 2.5 inch squares from C


Piecing the Block:

1)Remove selvages from your 2 – 2.5 inch strips of A & C. Sew together lengthwise and press with seams open.

With a roatary cutter square 1 edge of the sewn together strips.  From this piece cut 4-4.5 inch squares.

2) Take the 8 – 2.5 inch squares of C and lightly mark a diagonal line on the back (45 degree angle).

3) Take one of the squares of B and one of the squares of C and line up on 1 corner.  With right sides together (pretty to pretty) sew along the diagonal line.  Repeat with the corner on the opposite side. Trim the excess to .25 inches and press seams open.


4)  Repeat step 3 to the remaining 3 squares of fabric B.

5)  Take 2 of the pieces completed in steps 3 and 5 together with 1 of the pieces created in step 1.  Making sure that fabric A will be placed near the center and that fabric C of each piece are together, sew on each side of the piece created in step 1.  (See above photo) This will be your top row

6) Repeat step 5 making sure that all patterns align. This will be your bottom row.

7) Take fabric D and your remaining 2 pieces created in step 1.  Making sure that fabric A is together with fabric D, sew with right sides together.  Repeat so that fabric A is directly on each side of fabric D.  Press with seams open. This will be your center row.

8)  Take your top row and sew to the center row.  Tip: Align the center and not the edges.  This will help with making the seams match up.

9) Take your bottom row and sew to the top and cener rows.

10) Press with seams open and square up your 12.5 inch linoleum block!



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