Fake Fried Pickles

Because we are from Texas there is something in our blood that makes us crave delicious fried food. Hell, here they will fry almost anything from twinkies and snickers to beer and pork chops. Just check out the menu for the state fair if you doubt me at all. Well, I don’t want to die of a heart attack anytime soon so I have tried to make fried foods healthier and here is what you need for “fried” pickles.


Jar of pickle slices (nothing fancy i just used the ones from Aldi)

bread crumbs-about 1 1/2 cups

2 eggs

1/3 cup of flour

garlic powder, cajon seasoning, and onion powder-I used a dash of all of these

1/2 teaspoon sweet chili sauce (you can use anything salty like worcestershire or soy)


1 cup greek yogurt

lime juice

dried ranch seasoning

Here is what you do after you get everything together which for me took awhile because I was trying to listen to Teen Mom in the background which i wouldn’t recommend because I just got mad and it took even longer. Anyhow:

Turn the broiler on about 400

In a medium size bowl–Crack eggs and mix with flour, garlic powder, cajon seasoning, onion powder, and sweet chili sauce and mix all up

In a shallow container put the breadcrumbs

So in true frying fashion drench the pickles in the egg batter then in the bread crumbs and coat completely then place on a baking sheet that you spray the heck out of with whatever cooking spray you normally use

Pop in the oven for about 3-4 minutes on each side

For the dipping sauce just mix everything together

So, these don’t look like the fancy ones you get at a restaurant where they just dump them into the frier but they are healthier and tasty too. ENJOY YA’LL!!



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