Bamboo Picket Fence

We spent Sunday afternoon doing yard work.  I’ve been looking for a way to contain my compost (more to the point, a way to keep the dog out of the compost) without spending an arm and a leg, preferable free.  We enclosed it with welded wire to keep the dog out, but I wasn’t happy with the look.

We have bamboo growing in the backyard and have to thin it periodically.  We used some that we had thinned this winter and a piece of rope we had on  hand.  So our supply cost for this project was FREE!

Cut 24" bamboo stakes

Cut 24" bamboo stakes

We cut the bamboo into 24″ stakes.  Be sure when you cut them that each one has an angled end.  Use that end to go in the ground and hammer the flat end. Hammer them into the ground (about 6 inches deep) around the compost.  We have a small, old dog so we could get away with 18″ of fence.

Hammer in stakes

Hammer in stakes

Once we had driven all the stakes in we weaved a piece of rope through them at the top to keep them stable.

Completed Bamboo Fence

Completed Bamboo Fence

As you can tell from the photos, I had help (and that my radishes will be ready for harvest soon).  This project took us about an hour and a half to start to finish.  One person could easily get it done in two hours or less.  Since I had help it also allowed me to multitask and work on another project I’ll be posting soon!

You may not have any bamboo growing in your yard, but I bet you know someone who does.  If they have to thin theirs as much as we do, I’m betting you can get some for free!


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