Oh So Tender and Easy Stove Top Pork Roast

I like to use a few pots and pans as I can when I cook (means less clean up).  Here’s a one pot wonder for you.  Stove top pork roast.  It makes a very tender delicious roast.


Pork sirloin tip

Herbs of choice (I used fresh ones.  Sage, oregano, and thyme)

Spices of choice (I used paprika and ginger)


Sweet potatoes (as you can see I don’t peel mine.  Lots of goodness in the skin.)

Green Pepper


2 tbsp olive oil

1/2 cup chicken stock, vegetable stock or water


Over medium high heat sear all sides of the pork roast.

Sear pork

sear pork

Turn heat down to medium low.

Medium Low Heat

Medium Low Heat

Slice onions, peppers, carrots and sweet potato and put into pan.

Put herbs and spices on pork.

In pan

in pan

Add liquid (chicken stock, vegetable stock, or water)

Cover and cook until pork is cooked through. About 40 minutes.

Serve it with a vegetable (I served it with green beans) and you’ve covered all your food groups for a well-rounded meal.



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