Salisbury Steak

So I think the last time I ate salisbury steak i had super long hair with Farrah bangs, hightop reeboks and slouch socks and I was in the elementary school cafeteria. Pretty sure that salisbury steak was “beef” smothered in “gravy.” So, i decided to make salisbury steak with turkey instead of beef because I don’t eat red meat a lot. Here goes nothing!

What i used:

*2 pounds ground turkey

*olive oil

*Italian bread crumbs-1 cup

*One egg

*One diced red bell pepper


*One small diced onion

*Salt and pepper

For the Gravy:



*2 cups of broth-either chicken or beef

What you do:

*Mix all ingredients for the steaks in a bowl

*In a skillet heat the olive oil to a super hot degree

*Make patties with the mixture and carefully place in the pan. DO NOT WEAR NICE CLOTHES TO DO THIS…those suckers will pop you

*Cook throughly on both sides. The meat will start to turn a great brown color when done

*Remove from heat and put on a paper clothed plate

*After all the patties are cooked reduce heat, stir in corn starch and a little of the broth. Here is the tricky part. You just keep stirring and adding corn starch and broth until you get the gravy consistency you want.

*Once done add mushrooms and put the steaks back into the pan and mix it all together.

These babies are delicious. I was very surprised how well they turned out. Don’t eat to much though because you really need to check out the brownies that are posted!

Goodnight y’all!!

Oh the veggies on the side are just one of the frozen ones you stick in the microwave so i cant take credit for those…dang it


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