Deviled Peeps

Ok here is what I took to my Mother in laws house for Easter dinner and they were so dang cute. Here’s what you need:

Mustard-two squirts
Mayo-two heaping spoons full
Pickle juice-just a tad
Dry ranch -about two teaspoons
Diced olives
1 regular size carrot-cut into little pieces

What to do:

Put eggs in pot and cover with water. When water boils turn off stove and let the eggs simmer for a bit. Drain and place in a bowl with ice water and let sit until cool. Peel, then cut the egg right above where the yolk starts and take out the yolk and dump in a bowl. Once done with all the eggs mix and mash with mayo, mustard, pickle juice, and dry ranch. I then take all that and put it in a ziploc bag so the eggs are easy to pipe. Then fill eggs and top with the matching eggs “hat” then take a tiny dice of olive make matching eyes and a little beak out of the carrots. Serve cold and enjoy!!




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