Baby Shower Piggy

So my husband and I made this little piggy for a friend of ours baby shower and it turned out super cute. Here’s what you need:

A seedless watermelon
A sheet of pink foam
Two buttons for eyes
A pink pipe cleaner
Random fruit to fill the pick with-we used cantaloupe and berries

Here is what I did:

Please husband help me with this pig I’m so busy and have a million things to do here is the idea now run with it. Here is what the husband did:

He laid it on the counter and rolled it back and forth to find the flattest spot. He then cut a 1/4-inch slice off the bottom, so it would lay flat better.

He then cut the watermelon 2/3 from the bottom and about 4-inches away from the front. To detach the top he sliced down to complete the cut. He placed that piece off to the side for later.

To scoop out the watermelon he used a melon baller and placed those pieces in a bowl to refill the pig. Once my husband got most of the watermelon out with the baller he used a bigger spoon to clean the pig out completely.

Now came time for decorating the pig. He glued the two buttons onto the head of the bowl and used toothpicks to hold them into place until they dried. My husband took the leftover top part and cut out a piece the shape of a nose. He also cut an oval out a little smaller to glue on the watermelon nose. It will be attached to the bowl with toothpicks.

Next he cut two squares out of the pink foam. He then folded two of the corners together and attached them to the watermelon as ears with toothpicks.

He spiraled one of the pipe cleaners and added it to the back as the tail.

For the feet my husband cut four squares from the leftover watermelon top. He then cut a triangle piece out to make the hoof. They were attached to the bottom with toothpicks.

After the decorating he mixed up the watermelon balls with the other fruit and then added it into the bowl.

I was able to chill it in the fridge for a little while and then served it.




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