Helloooooo Hoecakes! The following started out as a war between my sister and I  — who had the best rose, the greener thumb, the better amended soil.  But we have decided to open it up to the whole wide world and settle it once and for all . . . Here is Heatheroo to explain the fine print:

Alright ladies. Now that I’ve done a few tutorials, I think it’s time to spice things up a bit. I personally need to break the monotony on how to arrange flowers and take us to another level. We would like your rose to be your very own, in your yard, nurtured and grown by you.  I want you to submit a rose that was NOT purchased from a florist or store. Now, if you feel the need to sneak down to the Botanic Gardens just to win this contest we can’t stop you. However, I have no worries that all of our submissions will be genuine and authentic, because our Hoecakes are an upstanding and honorable group, and cheating for the sake of a t-shirt is a well established Hoecake No-No. Having said that, let’s talk War of the Roses! For the next month, let’s see what you green thumbs have to offer! I want you to BRING IT with such force that I can hear you clicking “send”. Let’s see whatcha got for our FIrst Annual War of the Roses contest!

Submit your rose pics to our email, Include your name and email, and if you have one, your own blog address that we will gladly pimp out on our site. Entries will be published within 24 hours. Deadline to submit your BESTEST rose is midnight on May 16, 2012.  All pics must be of a rose still on the bush, no cut flower pics will be accepted. The winner and reigning Queen of Roses will be chosen, notified and published on May 17, 2012. Judges will be our Hoecakes Board of Directors. As the winner and Queen of All Roses, not only will you get your name on the blog with your winning pic, but you will also receive a custom made Hoecakes and Hemlines T-shirt! Woohoo, the War is on!

I have included some pictures of my own roses above. (None of us Executive Hoecakes are eligible for the contest, just so ya know). And below I have shown some more that were already cut but just pretty to look at.  I have to say when I purchased this house last May, I was very fortunate to have all these bushes! I have over 50 roses. Climbers mostly but I have a few bushes I cut from daily. Thanks to the previous owner for planting these babies!

What are you waiting for? Get out there and take pics of those beauties and submit to us at TODAY! IT’S ON!

Remember to take your submission pics BEFORE you cut them and put them in an arrangement like this!



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