So Easy a Man can do it Chicken

So, I am a huge fan of anything that you can throw in the crock pot and leave it for the day and this recipe is the best for that.  And after you cook it there are a ton of different ways to serve it.  Here is what you need:

-A Whole Chicken

-A bottle of BBQ Sauce

Here’s is what you do, get ready this is super hard…SYKE!  Yep I’m bringing it back:

-Wash your chicken throughly and remove all the weird stuff inside of it (neck, gizzards)

-Place in the crockpot and cover the entire chicken with BBQ sauce, including putting some inside the cavity

-Put about a cup of water in. Make sure it covers the bottom of the crock pot so it won’t burnImage

-Set your crockpot on low and then you are done.

I let my chicken cook on low for 8-9 hours and it was so good and it just fell right off the bone.  I am shredding it and adding a tab more sauce for sandwiches for dinner.  Hope you enjoy!!

Image Image


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