Magic Pillow Case (Simple, simple, simple)

I had a little fun with my sewing machine and serger tonight.  You do not need a serger to do this.  I wanted to play with my new serger so I used it.

I made one of those “Magic Pillow Cases”.  I love making them.  I think this makes my 7th or 8th one to make.  Each time I am excited to see the magic.


Main fabric 27″ x 42″ (3/4 yard)

Cuff Piece 9″ x 42″

Accent Piece 2″ x 42″ ( I used a 4″ wide piece to see how it would look)

cut selvage make sure all 3 pieces are same width.

Iron cuff and accent pieces in half lengthwise

Pieces for pillow case

Pieces for pillow case

Lay out your cuff right side up.

Place main piece face up on top of it lining up raw edges

Put accent piece on top of that.

Roll up main piece to within an inch of the top leaving cuff piece unrolled.

Fold over the cuff piece so you’ve “sandwiched” in the rolled main piece.

Pin all your raw edges forming a tube.

You will sew that tube down the length only (sew 1/4″ from edge)

DO NOT sew up the ends.  Leave them open!

This is the magic part… It amazes me every time! Once you’ve sewn your tube, reach in and grab the main fabric and pull it out.

Body, cuff and accent sewn together

Body, cuff and accent sewn together

Fold your pillow case in half wrong sides out and sew up the bottom and one side.

sides and bottom sewn closed

sides and bottom sewn closed

Turn in right side out and voila! One pillow case completed!

Completed Pillow case

Completed Pillow case

If my written directions don’t make sense to you.  Here’s where I learned to do this.  I learned from the Master! Jenny @ Missouri Star Quilt Company.


6 thoughts on “Magic Pillow Case (Simple, simple, simple)

  1. I love these pillow cases. Our quilt guild makes them to donate to our local hospital for children. The woman who isin charge of the project says it’s fun to see the children leave because first of all, they’re better!! 🙂 And secondly, most of them have all of their “stuff” in the pillowcase. I have a stack of coordinating fabrics ready to make some up. I want my granddaughter to make few. I think her 8 year old skills are up to the task. And I want her to learn about giving back.

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