I cheated on Joel Dewberry with Parson Gray: The Story of Steve’s Quilt

Maybe I’m crazy, but have you ever been DRIVEN to start and finish a project?  I was driven, almost obsessed with making Steve’s quilt.

Steve is a very good friend and former boss of my husband.  He was diagnosed with cancer last summer and we wanted to do something.  We offered to bring food and were available for whatever they needed but we still wanted to do more.  We wanted to give them something that would last and be useful when he was going through treatment as well as when he was in full remission. I had recently learned to quilt and thought that would be perfect!  Steve has a wife and 2 daughters.  Much of what he has is geared toward feminine and pretty.  He doesn’t mind it, but we wanted to give him something that was all his.  Something masculine but still vibrant.

I love fabric!  I love Joel Dewberry and all that he designs! My largest project to date has many of Joel’s fabrics featured. **Photo at the end of this post** However for this project I found another man.  I found Parson Gray.  It was divine intervention.  My affair with these two designers had begun.

Joel is perfect for my modern and feminine projects, but what about making something for a man?  I was stumped!  I needed man fabric and I ventured to my favorite fabric store , The Cabbage Rose (http://www.cabbagerosequilting.com/), and prayed for masculine inspiration.  I was wanting something that would jump out at me and say “Hello”!

Cabbage Rose never disappoints. I walk in and ask Caroline to help me find some man fabric.  She takes me over to a big cardboard box.  They have just received their 1st shipment of Parson Gray’s Curious Nature.  Our love affair had begun.  I quickly picked up several bolts and ran to the cutting table.  I had them cut 2 yards of each and found a Michael Miller orange that added the perfect POP of color and ran out the door.  My mission for Steve had been completed and I went back to work just itching to get to home and fire up the sewing machine.

I decided that for Steve’s quilt I needed big rectangles.  I tried to split my colors into 2 groups, light and dark.  I matched up 1 light to 1 dark along the longest side and then placed each set in the horizontal/vertical/horizontal/vertical pattern and reversed on the next row.  It went so quickly that I even surprised myself.

I then took my scraps from the front, added some simple Kona solids and put things together randomly.

Steve’s quilt was decided on, purchased, pieced, quilted and bound within a week.  When it was all said and done it was perfect!  He loved it and curled up with immediately.  I was so excited to give this quilt to Steve that I never got a picture of the finished quilt.

I will still love Joel Dewberry, but I would gladly be seen with Parson Gray anytime!


This is my largest project to date featuring many of Joel Dewberry’s fabrics.  I call this one “Big Gray”.


4 thoughts on “I cheated on Joel Dewberry with Parson Gray: The Story of Steve’s Quilt

  1. Any man would be proud to have either one! I think the Joel Dewberry one is also quite masculine. The settings are perfect to showcase the fabric. But it still has that man feel. Love the Parson Gray fabric too! Hope your friend is doing well.,

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