Fish Taco’s

So every time we go out to dinner at a place that has fish tacos I always want to order them and sometimes I do but it’s always some cheap fried fish so tonight I decided to make a healthier version. Here is what I used:

Two filets of flounder-use whatever you have or whatever you like

Medium onion-chopped

2-3 limes

Shredded cabbage-2cups


Corn tortillas

One tomato chopped

Here is what I did:

Ok first I want to say that I love frozen fish fillets because you don’t have to thaw them out before you use them.

In a small bowl mix the cabbage and a whole squeezed lime and put in the fridge

Turn the skillet in medium and add onions, fish (seasoned with sea salt and pepper) and a little cilantro into the skillet and cover with lid or another skillet flipped over-ghetto style. Yep that’s me

Let cook until fish is done, remove from heat and chop.

Add a bit more cilantro to fish.

Chop tomatoes and heat up tortillas. I used the store bought ones because I haven’t been able to make my tortillas as good as Michelle 🙂

In the tortilla add fish, then cabbage mixture, then tomatoes, and shove in the mouth. These are so freakin tasty.

I also cut up some tortillas split a lime in half and rubbed it on the tortillas added a bit of salt and baked. These chips are WAY better than anything that the store has



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