Baby Burp Cloths, The Perfect Gift

Someone I worked with was having a baby, or rather his wife was.  What to make… I don’t have kids, so I didn’t know for sure what one would need that could easily be handmade.  I consulted with my fellow hoecakes who have children and they told me burp cloths were the thing to make.  So I  did and boy oh boy was it easy!

I followed the advise of Elisa and got some minky fabric and a coordinating kiddy fabric.  I sewed the wrong sides together (except for the last two inches). Then I used that two inch section to turn in right side out and sewed up the hole. All done.  It was that easy. I love easy!

Robot Burp Cloths

Robot Burp Cloths

A couple of months later another coworker was pregnant.  I whipped these up for her. (I also whipped up a couple of those fabulous pillow cases for her two kids so they didn’t feel left out).  This time around I added some ribbon around the edges.  I think it turned out lovely.

Animal Burp Cloth

Animal Burp Cloth

One thing to keep in mind when you are making these is:  Don’t kill yourself trying to make them perfect.  They are going to be vomited on regularly!

Here are a couple that my fellow hoecake Misty made.  I think they are adorable!

Elephant burp cloths

Elephant burp cloths

Ladybug Burp Cloths

Ladybug Burp Cloths


6 thoughts on “Baby Burp Cloths, The Perfect Gift

  1. Can I hire you? I have a friend having a baby boy soon…. it is golf theme for the room (the daddy is good enough to turn pro). I will pay you money – not just for materials but for labor!

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