Child’s Floor Cushion

I saw this wonderful picture on Pinterest and thought I can make that, I want to make that.  Then I looked around the house and thought where in the world would I put it?  I don’t have a place for that cushion in my house.  Then this nagging thought kept running through my head (darn those voices)… it would be so much fun to make…. you know you want to…

I gave in only after a couple of days because I came up with brilliant plan.  Put it in my sisters’ houses!  Every once in a while I come up with something brilliant!

I printed the template.  You can get it at:

It is so easy to make this cushion and it was so much fun!  I picked out fabrics I thought each child would enjoy.  Luckily I chose wisely and they did like them.  I made all 3 cushions easily in one evening.  I gave them the cushions and they were delighted.  It fit them perfectly to plop down on and watch tv or read or bug the dog or plotting to take over the world, or figure out how to get one more cookie out of you, or do whatever their little minds turned them onto.

Just take a look at these pictures and you’ll want to make some too.  Now if I can get myself a bigger house I’ll have room to have a bunch of cushions for myself…  Oh, honey I need to talk to you….

Race Car Cushion

Race Car Cushion

All 3 cushions

All 3 cushions (please ignore the mess in the background)

All 3 cushions closer

All 3 cushions closer


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