Yoga Mat Bag For Free

I needed a way to transport my yoga mat that didn’t cost me too much money.  I do not like parting with my money.  I tried just carrying it, but at 5:00 in the morning I tended to drop it a lot.

I was eyeballing the yoga mat bags I would see in the gym to see how they were made.  One look told me I could do it.  When I finally sat down to work on it I:

Grabbed an old pair of scrub pants I had and cut off one leg.  I sewed closed one end and on the other end I made a casing for the drawstring I pulled from the waistband of the pants.  I used the drawstring to keep that end closed.  Now for a carrying strap…

I cut the waistband from the pants and sewed the edges over so I had no raw edges and then sewed each end to the bag.

In less than one hour I had a yoga mat bag for free!  That is a price I don’t mind paying!

Completed Yoga Mat Bag

Completed Yoga Mat Bag


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