When I Say Garden Fresh Salad, I Mean It

Salad was on the menu tonight. We went meatless.  I raided the garden and here’s what I came up with…




Swiss Chard

Collard Greens

Radishes and the leaves

1 Green onion

2 boiled duck eggs (one per plate)

Mango Salsa (left over from last night)

2 cheese sticks (one per plate) – not the breaded kind just two pieces of cheese

Snap Peas

Fresh Salad

Fresh Salad

I ran a knife through the greens (including the radish leaves) so they would be bite size (ish).

I chopped the cheese, peas, onion and radish.

I put the greens on each plate then sprinkled the radishes, onion and cheese over them.

I sliced one egg each per plate and put it on top.

Then I grabbed the Mango Salsa I made last night and added it to the top.  The Mango Salsa was the dressing.  I added nothing else except my fork.

That’s it. Eat up! I’m still shoveling it in as fast as I can as I type this.  It is WONDERFUL!

Garden Fresh

Garden Fresh


2 thoughts on “When I Say Garden Fresh Salad, I Mean It

  1. Looks great! I’m glad it’s getting to be “Salad for Dinner” time around our house cuz I love salads. Must confess…I’ve never had a duck egg. Please don’t laugh at this question 🙂 but do they taste like chicken eggs?

    • The first time I had one I did think it tasted like a chicken egg. But now after eating them exclusively for several months, then going back and eating chicken eggs, I think they taste better than chicken eggs.

      It could be because the duck eggs I get are fresh and the chicken eggs I get are store bought. I don’t know the reason I just know I prefer the fresh duck eggs to chicken eggs.

      I went the long way around it, I think I answered your question. LOL

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