Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Winner

Our champion

The First Annual War of the Roses is over!  The votes are in and it’s official:  The Winner and Queen of the Roses is WAVA MCCULLOUGH! Her photo of this bloom on her Seven Sisters bush in Cross Timbers, Texas took a few breaths away and we have crowned her our Queen.  The fact that her name is W-A-V-A certainly didn’t hurt her in the polls either.

Our Queen wins a custom Queen of the Roses Hoecakes and Hemlines t-shirt.  Be jealous;  they’re awesome.

Since we at Hoecakes and Hemlines are, in general, amazing and wonderful people, we have decided to give ALL of our contestants an official Hoecakes and Hemlines t-shirt.  We loved running this contest and we loved your beautiful photos.

To our contestants, please email your t-shirt size to us at along with an address for shipping, and we will have those on the way in the next week or so.

See you next year!

*Addendum:  I totally forgot to say thank you or even kiss my grits to my sister, Heather Harrison, for helping me obsess over this contest and keep track of the submissions.  Thank yoooooou Heatheroo!


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