Look at this Delicious Mess

The machine, that mess of a quilt . . . perfect!

Let’s just be honest.  People who quilt in their designated Quilting Rooms with their perfectly organized by color and texture fabrics, with cutesy little shelves and peg boards for threads, and pincushions with actual pins in them . . . they are figments of your imagination.  They are all just  a part of your hot sewing fantasy.  I took this picture because as I walked by my dining room table and saw this awesome quilt stuffed under that machine with that poor needle hanging on for dear life . . . it made me happy. This is just a sneak peek at a post to come in the next few days.  It is actually the very first quilt I ever made and I started it SIX YEARS AGO.  I got so caught up with everything quilting that I moved from quilt to quilt, starting and stopping a million quilts in between, and I have finally, finally finished this extremely crooked, scrappy, unmatched, strip quilt that I get to keep for myself and smother with love every day.

My God, is that an Easy Bake Oven in the background with my taxes laying next to it?  LOVE IT!


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