Orange Push Up for Adults

You know those yummy ice cream treats we ate as kids?  I’d love to be able to eat them as an adult, but the consequences always get in the way.  I found a great way to have the taste of orange push ups with a little flair.


1 Orange

1 cup soy milk (I used vanilla soy milk, but you can use plain and add a bit of vanilla extract)

Ice (enough to give it the consistency you want)



I tossed all the ingredients into my blender and blended until smooth.  Poured it in to two glasses and drank them up.  It was so good.  I can’t express in print how good it was.  You’ll have to try it for yourself!

I think the best part was it wasn’t in a cardboard roll and didn’t drip all over my hands.  If you really want to make it and adult treat, I bet some rum or vodka would be great in there!

orange push up for adults

orange push up for adults


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