Chicken Tacos with Homemade Corn Tortillas

I made my first batch of corn tortillas last night.  They were DELICIOUS!  They were also easy to make.  I was finished in under 30 minutes.  Gotta love that!  I’ve mastered flour tortillas. Now for corn…

I followed the directions on the package of masa. Brilliant, I know.

One of my coworkers got me a tortilla press, THANK YOU LILLY! I used it to press out my tortillas.

Tortillas - Maseca Corn Flour Masa for Tortillas

Within 5 minutes I was cooking my first corn tortilla.  That one, of course, was sacrificed to the cook.  YUMMY!

I cooked some chicken with some garden fresh cayenne peppers and onion.  Kale on the side (god, how I love kale).  Picked some blackberries out of the garden and had those on the side as well. A lime because tacos are always better with lime.  Cut up the left over gouda I had from making mac n cheese a week ago (can’t let cheese go to waste).  It was so good that sadly I have no left overs for lunch today. Sigh……  good thing the tortillas are so easy to make!

My mouth is watering!

My mouth is watering!

I may have licked my screen after looking at this

I may have licked my screen after looking at this


4 thoughts on “Chicken Tacos with Homemade Corn Tortillas

  1. Last night my partner and I were actually discussing that we should just make Corn Tortillas as they are hard to find as opposed to the typical Flour ones you find in the supermarket! Do you think they are do-able for a pretty rubbish cook?

    • They are definitely do-able. Give it a whirl. You will be happy.
      I have to say they tasted better than store bought ones too!

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