Puppy Themed Birthday Party

My niece wanted a puppy and kitty themed birthday party for her 6th birthday.  My sister asked us if we wanted to put it together… Um, yes, of course we wanted to.  An outlet for our creativity.  Heck yeah, sign us up!

We made puppy balloons.  Well actually we let my older niece draw the faces on the balloons because Aunt Michelle has a latex allergy and she really did want to help.  Thank you to my boyfriend for filling them with helium and thank you to my mom for putting the ears on them.

Alyssa's balloon

Alyssa’s balloon

puppy balloons

puppy balloons

We let my dog walk all over the cup cakes:

puppy print cup cakes

puppy print cup cakes (chocolate chips & kisses)

Thanks to Misty’s creativity, we gave the kids fruit to snack puppy style:

Puppy fruit

Puppy fruit

And check out the table runner Amanda made.  It has chalkboard cloth on the sides for the kids to write a note to the birthday girl (removable so you can toss the runner in the wash.  The chalkboard cloth gets a quick wipe and it is all clean)  Here is another pic of it:

Table Runner with chalkboard cloth

Table Runner with chalkboard cloth

We had a piñata so the kiddos could work out their little kid frustrations:

Pinata time

Piñata time

Not only did Elisa bring hula hoops to entertain the kids, she also brought some beautiful flower arrangements:

Birthday Flower Arrangements

Birthday Flower Arrangements

We had trouble finding kitten decorations that weren’t hello kitty.  We ended up getting kitten stickers and kitten party favors.  We found most of the decorations and party favors at our local Party Warehouse.

It was a success.  The birthday girl was happy and so was her mother!


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