Roasted Spring Vegetables

Dinner was meatless, but far from boring.  It lacked nothing as far as I can tell.

One of the girls at work (and a guest blogger here), Allyson, brought me some home-grown squash. Of course I had to eat it immediately.  I added some of the veggies I had at home at put together a fabulous meal!

Super easy!  Cut up your veggies, add your herbs and seasonings, toss them in a little oil and put them in a 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes.  Keep in mind the smaller you cut them the more well done they will be.  Here’s my combo this go round:


Red bell pepper


Jalapeno (I must have that spice!)


Thai Basil (fresh out of the garden)

Orgeano (fresh out of the garden)

Rosemary (fresh out of the garden)

Coconut Oil (I used about 2 tbsp)

I tossed it all together and put it in a 13×9 pan and in a 400 degree oven it went for 20 minutes.

I paired it with some edamame for our protein and some blackberries (fresh out of the garden) for dessert.

Raw Veggies

Raw Veggies

roasted veggies

roasted veggies


2 thoughts on “Roasted Spring Vegetables

    • It was delicious! I bought some to try it out. Everyone is on the coconut bandwagon. I love coconut, so I thought why not? I use it like I do olive oil (sparingly) and so far I have been happy with it.

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