Super Easy Bean Dip

Along with the sweets I made for my Sister’s birthday dinner, I also made some bean dip.  Her oldest daughter loves hummus; it was my intention to make hummus.  Alas I was out of chickpeas.  Rather than panic, I made it work.  There is no panic allowed in my kitchen unless there are large amounts of blood or a huge burn there is no reason to get worked up.  A solution can be found!

I checked to see what kind of beans I did have.  I had some great northern beans on hand. Problem solved.  I soaked a cup of them the night before so they would be ready for me to cook in the morning.

Before I got started on my baking, I rinsed my beans and started cooking them with some rosemary and thyme.  I cooked them in some watered down chicken stock.  I used reduced sodium, but sometimes it still seems salty to me so I added water.

When they were done, I set them aside to cool and because I was busy with my cookies and banana nut cake .  When I finished baking they were cool enough to handle.

I popped them into the food processor with some garlic, a few drops of sesame oil and some olive oil (maybe two tbsp). I ran the processor until they were smooth.  I added the liquid I cooked them in as needed to achieve the desired consistency.  I added some ground cumin (about 1/4 tsp) and processed them until it mixed in.

Bean Dip

Bean Dip

I transferred it to a dish to refrigerate them.  I sprinkled some paprika on them.

I served them about 5 hours later.  Everyone loved them!

Serve bean dip cold

Serve bean dip cold

Tonight I am eating left over bean dip, chips and cheese.  I made bean and cheese nachos.  I grabbed a cayenne pepper from the garden to nibble on as I eat the nachos.  It is wonderful!

Bean and cheese nachos with a cayenne

Bean and cheese nachos with a cayenne


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