Lazy Monday Morning Biscuits

Let me preface my post like this: someone has probably done this before. If they haven’t, then somebody call MENSA, I’m a genius.

Yes, I actually only had room for 6 and then because of my unbelievable problem-solving skills, I balanced the other two on TOP of the muffin pan.

The munchkins that keep calling me Mommy sometimes get hungry and want food (I know! Bottomless pits of wants and needs!) This Monday morning I managed to spy a can of jumbo sized buttermilk biscuits on the bottom rack of the fridge. Then I spied the one and only cookie sheet I own in the sink which I guess means someone used it. So I rummaged around the cabinet for something that wouldn’t catch fire in the oven and found a mint condition muffin pan that I doubt I knew was in there. After a brief (very brief) brainstorm, I opened the biscuits and squished one into each muffin thing. I set the timer for a little longer than it said and BAM! These babies came out fantastic.

When they were finished I used a knife (or ballpoint pen, whatever) to poke a sink hole in the top of each one, slapped some butter in there, and topped it with jelly. They were seriously good – each one slightly crunchy on the outside and so soft and fluffy on the inside.

I saved the leftovers for toasting the next day and they were even better.

Served them up like we were having Breakfast at Tiffany’s and walked out the door like I’d just slayed a dragon.


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