Beans So Good You Won’t Even Miss the Ham

I made a pot of beans tonight and boy, oh boy are they delicious.  I don’t even miss the ham, that’s how good they are.

I started soaking some navy beans this morning before I left for work.  When I got home I cut up 3 cayenne peppers and one onion and put them in the pot with the beans.  I added some of that minced garlic I bought at Costco.  As for the herbs I threw in some fresh oregano, thyme and rosemary.  I also added about a cup of chicken stock (you could also use vegetable stock) to the water.

Put it all in the pot

Put it all in the pot

Bring it all to a boil then turn it down to simmer until the beans are cooked.  I served it with some whole wheat cornbread.  Oh, and let me tell you what I did to the cornbread… in my next post!

Navy Beans

Navy Beans


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