Sneak Preview: The Aunt Jan Quilt — Round 2

Just a quick post to show off some blocks for another Aunt Jan Quilt.  My sister requested this to give to a friend for her birthday, and then both of us forgot about until, oh, about a week before.  So even though it’s not finished, we were able to snap some quick pics so she could wrap those up as a present to let her see the glory to come.  And upon opening said package, the receipient practically burst into tears. Which is exactly how you should receive a hand made gift! Tears and lots of fuss over how wonderful it is.

I can’t believe I signed on to do another one as it uses A LOT of fabric and involves A LOT of ironing, but I  love the way this turns out and it’s worth all my fabric and time.

Don’t even get me started on how obsessed I am with those little flamingos!

I’ll post up the final product when I get it finished.  Happy Birthday to Rhonda!


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