Stock the Bar Party

So a few weeks ago my husband and I were invited to a Stock the Bar Shower.  It is like a bridal shower except for a toaster or a spice rack everyone brings BOOZE!!  That was for sure our kind of shower.  So instead of just bringing a bottle of something we decided to do something more fun.  I forgot to take pictures while I was doing so which is probably because I was drinking the “left over” booze but here are the directions:

We went to Ace Hardware and got a $2 plain bucket then taped it off with some painters tape and put chalkboard paint ( a few layers) in the middle.  This is so you can write a cute message for the bride and groom there.

We then hot clued little bottles of liquor onto dal rods and let them dry

We then got some baby beers and glued them to a circular cake sheet so the bucket would have something to sit on.  We also glued some shot glasses and put the red cups there. Don’t try to hot glue those red cups they will melt like chocolate in Texas. We also put glued some extra beers around the bucket

So lastly we poured about 4 bags of peanuts into the bucket and arranged the little bottles there.

This was the hit of the party and was so cheap to make!!




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