Terry Cloth Kitchen Towels – GUEST BLOGGER Michelle Strange

Ladies and gentlemen, today we have a guest blogger.  Her name is Michelle Strange.  She’s just as craft and thrifty as the four of us.  Today I’d like to share her creativity with you.

Fig. 1: Start with 12 – 10×11 inch Terry Cloth and 12 – 10×11 inch of cotton, the same size for paper towels! I used cute baby prints since these are continually used in the Nursery. My next one is going to be for the kitchen table, so I chose a pretty sage green cotton and a darker green terry cloth!


Figure 1

Fig. 2: It is MUCH easier to serge these together, however I do not own a serger and my mother was away on vacation, so I sat down to the sewing machine and I reinforced them well by stitching twice on all 4 side, right sides together, and of course make sure to leave a 1-inch opening to be able to turn them right-side out!


Figure 2

Fig. 3: Turn all 12 right-side out. If your have a serger, you can just place them wrong-side together, serge around the edges and you are farther ahead than I was!


Figure 3

Fig. 4: I did not like them being “puffy” so I decided to flatten them out by stitching around the edges on the outside as well. This also was an easier way to close up my 1-inch hole where I turned them right-side out at. It also gives them a more finished look as well. This can easily be skipped with a serger.


Figure 4

Fig. 5: Next we need to add the snaps. All 12 of the “Cloth Paper Towels” get snaps. They will all be snapped and rolled together onto an old cardboard paper towel roll. I chose cute decorative snaps I had left over from making baby diapers from the Babyville Boutique series. They now sell them at Amazon too!


Figure 5

Fig. 6: You will want to pay close attention to your sockets and studs and make sure you are putting them on correctly because they are extremely difficult to remove. One 11-inch side of your cloth gets 2 sockets, set in 1-inch and down 2 1/2-inches. the other side of your 11-inch side gets 2 studs at each end with the same 1-inch in and 2 1/2-inches down. They will then snap together and eventually be rolled up!


Figure 6

Fig. 7: Measure down 2 1/2-inches.


Figure 7

Fig. 8: Eventually snapped together.


Figure 8

Fig. 9: Socket not yet attached! I used cute, colorful baby prints.


Figure 9

Fig. 10: Socket side attached.


Figure 10

Fig. 11: Tool used to attach snaps.


Figure 11

Fig. 12: Now we are ready to roll! These are some of the tools and accessories I used. You simply snap the cloths together!


Figure 12

Fig. 13: And keep on rolling! We are using ours in place of store bought, pre-moistened baby wipes. They are so expensive and fill up our landfills, since you cannot flush store bought baby wipes, they can clog up your septic. We keep a bottle of water with a few drops of baby shampoo in it to spray on our wipes and they go right into the washable cloth diaper bin and get washed nightly.


Figure 13

Fig. 14: What a savings and they come out of the washer clean and ready to snap n’ roll back together for the next use. I am eagerly waiting to finish my kitchen ones. Instead of buying paper towels, we will be using these from now on.


Figure 14

Finished Product


Finished Product




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