Maxi Skirt in under one hour

I finally did it!  I successfully made myself a maxi skirt.  Yea me!  I attempted one other time and it came out so-so.  You know the kind of thing I’ll wear around the house, but not anywhere else.  Kind of like that old shirt you don’t want to throw away… LOL

So I bought some knit fabric and laid one of my skirts on it (a short skirt, because that is all I have – UNTIL NOW). I traced the skirt onto the fabric giving myself about an inch the sides and top for a seam allowance.  Then I kept drawing the sides down the length of the fabric.  Make sure the bottom is wider than the top or you’ll have trouble walking.

Please excuse my poor pictures.  I wasn’t paying attention to the sunlight in the photos.  Next time I will shut the blinds.

Trace an existing skirt onto the fabric

Trace an existing skirt onto the fabric

Make sure the bottom is wider than the top

Make sure the bottom is wider than the top

Cut your fabric and sew the sides together.  I have a serger so that’s what I used. Sew the hem.  Again I used the serger and sewed a rolled hem.

Now for the waist.  I rolled the fabric to give me a waistband.  I also made it so I wouldn’t need to use elastic to keep it up.  Once I had the waistband where I wanted it I pinned it then sewed it.  I tried it on and it was a bit wide so I trimmed a little off each side using the serger.  Man I love my serger.  Then I noticed it was still a little long  (I have short legs).  So I rolled the waist band again.  Since I had already sewed it once, I just sewed about a 1/2 inch on either side of each side seam to hold the new roll down.  You have no idea how much I wish that would work on my belly.  I’d have 1/2 inch seams all over me!

Completed Skirt

Completed Skirt

My skirt is not perfect, but then neither am I.  I like it and will be wearing it outside the house.  I might even wear it to work this week!  Here’s the best part of the whole thing.  Start to finish it took me less than one hour.  Can you believe it? In under an hour I made clothing. WOW!


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