Let’s Get Loopy

I’ve made a couple more scarves, you know the No Knit, No Crochet Scarf.  I saw this lovely purple yarn and thought it would make beautiful scarf.  I bought a couple of skeins and went to town!

This time I went with longer loops.  I think I like it better.  What do you think?

Purple Loops Completed

Purple Loops Completed

To get the loops the same general size, I put a strip of masking tape on my sewing machine to use as a guide.

Purple Loops Sewing

Purple Loops Sewing

I tried something a little different on another one.  I braided 3 strands of yarn and sewed that down the middle.

Purple Loops Scarf with Braid

Purple Loops Scarf with Braid

Laid out like that it kind of reminds me of a dust mop.  Trust me once it is on, it no longer resembles a dust mop!  It looks great!  If I liked my own picture, I would have put it on to model it.  Alas, you are stuck with the pic of it on my lamp.

These take no time at all to make, so get to it!  Christmas is closing in on us!

Oh yeah, here’s one I made out of straight strands of yarn sewn across the strands in five places to hold it together.  For a little fun I sewed some black yarn I had laying around into it.

Purple Lines Scarf

Purple Lines Scarf


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