Just Nuts Crust

This year I made my pumpkin pie with a low carb, gluten free pie crust and I won’t be going back to a flour based crust again.  At least not for desserts.  This crust is amazing and simple to make!  I mean, what’ the goal of a whole wheat crust? To taste nutty.  So why not go with just nuts?


Raw, shelled nuts of choice – I used a cup and a half of pecans

1 Tbsp coconut oil (optional – the nuts have oil in them)

1/2 tsp honey (optional)

Spices of choice (I like to put what ever spices are going into the dish or dessert into the crust as well) – optional

Put all the ingredients into your food processor and process until they come out about the size of quinoa, or a little smaller than rice.

Process nuts

Process nuts

Put them into your dish and press like you would a graham cracker crust.  That is it.  You can oil your pan if you like.  I had no trouble getting mine out of the pan.

Press nuts into pan

Press nuts into pan

Bake your pie as usual.  I made a pumpkin pie… recipe on next post!

By the way, I sprinkled some larger pieces of nuts onto the top of the pie just in case anyone had a nut allergy.  They would see the nuts and steer clear.

Bonus – There is no rolling this crust.  It just made pie making simple!  Get the kids in the kitchen to help with the pies.  They would be great at the pressing part!


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