Flannel Lounging Pants

I made my first pair of lounging pants.  It was so easy! I could not believe how easy it was!  Seriously, it took me less than an hour to make my first ones and even less time the second time around.

Here’s what you’ll need:

flannel fabric – the amount will depend on what size you are making.  I’d venture to say an adult pair will require at least three yards.  Mine took less, but my legs are short. 🙂 You want to make sure you have the prints all running in the same direction.

Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat

coordinating thread

a pair of pants that fit you (I used a pair of old sweatpants)

no roll elastic (enough for your waistband)

sewing machine

serger (optional)

about 45 minutes

A camera to take pictures of your work.  You’ll be so proud of what you made you’ll want to take lots of pictures to show off.


Fold your fabric with the selvage ends together.

Fold your pants (the ones that fit you) in half so the crotch pokes out – I can’t think of another way to describe it (see pic below).

Lay your folded pants on the folded fabric with the crotch toward the open side not the folded side.

Folded pants on folded fabric

Folded pants on folded fabric

Cut around your pants with at least an inch on seam allowance around.  If you are unsure, give yourself two inches.  It is always easier to take them in later.

You will do this twice so you’ll have two identical cuts of fabric.

Cut two identical pieces

Cut two identical pieces

Take your two pieces of fabric and lay them pretty sides together and pin.  You’ll be sewing up the crotch area up to the waist.  I used my serger to do it.  You do not have to, a regular sewing machine will work just fine.

Sew the crotch area

Sew the crotch area

Next you will refold them with the two new seams facing each other.  Still with the pretty sides together.  Presto-Chango!  Magically legs will appear. You will pin them.

Pin legs

Pin legs

Sew up one leg and down the other.  Again, a serger is not necessary.

Sew up one leg and down the other

Sew up one leg and down the other

Now comes the hemming.  Figure out how long you want your pants to be and hem up the legs.  That isn’t a bottle of pills there on the table.  I use an old prescription bottle to hold safety pins.  The stress ball (star) is for another project.

Hem up the legs

Hem up the legs

I couldn’t find my hem ruler so I made myself a little hem guide out of some cardboard that came with something (I forget what).  I found the ruler after I finished both pair of pants.  Isn’t that always the case. Oh and to top it off, it was right where it was supposed to be.  The same place I looked (apparently not with my eyes) three times before giving up and making one. Sheesh!

My Fancy Hem Guide

My Fancy Hem Guide

Next comes the waistband.  Roll your fabric to make a tunnel for the elastic.  Sew up the tunnel leaving enough room for your elastic.  Do not sew it up completely.  Leave yourself a couple of inches to put the elastic in.

Sew the waistband

Sew the waistband leaving a gap to put in the elastic

I put a safety pin on one end of the elastic and another one through the other end and pin that end to the fabric.  If you’ve ever pulled a piece of elastic all the way into the tunnel, you’ll remember to pin the other end.  Man was that frustrating!

Pin the elastic

Pin the elastic

Pull the elastic through the tunnel and then sew the two ends together in a couple of places to make sure it doesn’t come apart.  Now sew the tunnel shut. Try to line up with the previous stitches.  And… you’re finished! Bust out that camera and let the model shoot begin!  Work it…

Completed Flannel Lounging Pants

His Completed Flannel Lounging Pants

Her Completed Flannel Lounging Pants

Her Completed Flannel Lounging Pants

Ha! I just noticed my flat iron in the pic.  That’s a old one that I use on fabric for quick jobs (like the leg cuff hem) so I don’t have to break out the iron and ironing board.  Shhhhh.  Don’t tell anyone my secret!

Oh and apparently I got super lucky with the flannel I chose for my pants.  Elisa (fellow blogger) wanted some and it was no longer available anywhere. Hopefully Joann will get more in, it is so cute!  The name of the print is Cherry Blossom Girl.  It is in the Snuggle Flannel line.


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