Captain America Shield

I made my nephew a Captain America Shield for Christmas with one important modification.  I made as a pillow covering.  I don’t know about your boys or nephews, but I fully expect to get smacked with this shield.  I can see him running around deflecting all kinds of imaginary objects or people and smacking me or my sister in the face with it.  Yes, a pillow is best.

Captain America Pillow front

Captain America Pillow front

I started with cutting out a white star and appliqueing it to a blue circle, then appliqueing that to red circle, then that to a white circle, then a red circle.  You get the idea…  Then I sewed a small white band to the last red piece.

For the back I…

Cut a big blue circle (2 inches wider than the pillow) then cut it in half.  I hemmed each half (on the slice, not the edges) and sewed velcro to each seam.  I want the pillowcase to be removable and washed.

I sewed a “handle” for his little arm to wear the shield on one half and embroidered his name on the other half.

back of sheild

back of shield

Insert small arm

Insert small arm

Then I sewed the blue circle to the rest of the pillow (inside out, of course). Flipped it right side out, put in the pillow and voila, one Captain America shield that hopefully will deflect all the dangers a six year old boy can imagine!  Best of all, it is soft so when we get smacked with it, no harm will befall us!

Captain America Shield Pillow

Captain America Shield Pillow


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