Quilts as Gifts

If I planned this correctly, I should be posting this after Christmas so no one sees what their gift will be…  If not, well then surprise!

I’ve been working ever so hard on Christmas gifts for my family.  So far I’ve completed two.  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but there were some birthday gifts I had to make in between them.  I also made numerous scarves for gifts as well.  Those you’ll see in a different post!  Here are the quilts I’ve completed.

My brother in law is a UT graduate and a UT fan, so of course I made this:

UT Quilt

UT Quilt

My brother in law is going to have a hard time choosing which quilt to use.  The Star Wars Quilt was for his birthday.

The story behind this next one is dear to my heart.  When we were children my sister and I shared a set of Peanuts bed sheets.  Why we only had one set is beyond me (we probably started out with two and one of us ruined a set, would be my guess).  Oh and we had this cool poster of Snoopy dancing with a caption reading Feeling Groovy!  Anyway, back on track… Each week the sheets would be washed and we would trade off who got the Peanuts sheets.  Knowing me there were many weeks when I attempted to bargain with my sister and get sheets for an additional week.  I can hear me now… I’ll clean up your side of the room for a week if you will let me use those sheets this week.

The only thing that remains of those sheets is one pillowcase that is in my sister’s possession.  She’s repaired it numerous times, but the fabric is wearing thin.  Picture me wiping away a tear as I type this.  Really.

I came across some peanuts fabric on one of my many trips to Joann’s.  I had to buy it. It isn’t perfect.  The bed sheets we had were white, but it is Peanuts.  Since this fabric is blue, I used red on the back to make it more girly.  I hope she likes it!

Peanuts Quilt

Peanuts Quilt

She loved it.  She slept with her pillowcase that night!


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