Trout & Butternut Squash

I don’t know if I have mentioned this or not, but I am not fond of cleaning up after I’ve made a meal.  I do my best to keep the number of pots and pans to a minimum when cooking.  I did a superb job of it when I made this meal.  I used one baking pan and since I used parchment paper clean up was a cinch!

I took my butternut squash and put it on a parchment paper lined baking pan.  I poured a couple of tablespoons of olive oil over it.  I added some fresh rosemary, thyme and sage and a bit of salt.  Tossed it all together and pushed it to one side of the pan.

I took another piece of parchment paper and put two pieces of trout on it.  I sprinkled them with some ground chipotle and rosemary and drizzled some lime juice over them.  I folded the parchment paper around it and put it on the other side of the baking pan.

I baked them together for about 45 minutes at 375 degrees.  I like my veggies to still be a bit firm.  So if you want yours well done, I suggest cooking the squash about 15 minutes or so first then putting the fish on.  Oh, and however long you cook it, turn the squash halfway through the cooking.




Squash and trout

Squash and trout

Plated sqaush and trout

Plated squash and trout


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