My Second Clutch/Wristlet

Ok, second time around. Made a few alterations from the first one.

My second clutch

My second clutch

The first change I made was to add interfacing to it to add body to the fabric. Here’s what I used.


Interfacing body

I put it between the pieces of fabric to add body. I also used it in the credit card second.

Inside peek

Inside peek

Look at all that junk!

Look at all that junk!

Man, I carry a lot of stuff! One of the best things about this clutch is my epi pen easily fits in it. I could fit it in my first one, but I had to work at it and it took up so much room. I made this one a little bigger specifically for my epi pen. Bonus – If it is big enough for my epi pen, it will also hold my glasses!

It is about 10x6

It is about 10×6



I used Velcro it close it and the same kind of elastic on the wrist hold as the first one.

Velcro close

Velcro close

So pretty

So pretty

I like the contrast of the dark fabric outside and the red fabric inside.
I used fat quarters from a novelty pack I got a Joann.
I used one whole fat quarter to make the inside of the clutch and half a fat quarter on the outside fabric.


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