More Baby Bibs

I made some more bibs and wanted to share them with you.  I used the same basic pattern as back in October of 2012.

With a couple of modifications.  I used buttons to close the bibs and I mixed and matched some fabric to make it more fun.  I also put monograms on one of them.  I think they turned out adorable!

Girly bib

Girly Bib Back

Girly Bib 2

Girly Bib Front

Boy's Bib Back

Boy’s Bib Back

Boy's Bib Front

Boy’s Bib Front

They aren’t perfect, but I’m not sweating it too much.  They were fun to make and the babies are going to be getting them filthy anyway.  More importantly, aren’t they adorable?  So much fun!

I need more of my friends to get pregnant so I have a reason to make more of these!  Come on – get to it! Make those babies!  It is spring time after all…



I’m still making those baby gifts.  How can I not.  It is SO much fun and they turn out so darn cute!  I went in search for a bib pattern and found this one on Pinterest.  It took me to her website and I used her easy to follow tutorial to make my own version of the bibs.

Racing Bib

What little boy wouldn’t look adorable in this?

Now picture this bib with the racing shoes I made in felt! Adorable, isn’t it?!?!

Here’s another one I made that I managed to remember to photo after most of the steps…

Layered and sewn

Layered and sewn

The layers are as follows:  Cotton batting (or whatever you choose for batting), Fabric choice 1 face up and fabric choice 2 face down.  Make sure it is in this order or it won’t come out right.

Cut out

Cut out

Cut out around the stitching, being careful not to get too close to the stitching.  You can see in a couple of places I came dangerously close.  If you don’t have pinking shears then you’ll have to notch it out.  Thankfully I invested in pinking shears years ago. (WHEW!)

Once it is cut and notched, then turn in right side out using the gap in the sewing.  Then tuck that section in and sew around the edge.

Hands and Feet Bib

Hands and Feet Bib

Add some velcro to it and you are finished!  Well, ok after ironing it.

Front/Back of bib

Front/Back of bib

I used white thread so the stitching would show on the pic.  Normally, I would have used a matching thread on the back side.

Here’s the best part of this:  IT TOOK ME UNDER ONE HOUR TO COMPLETE THIS PROJECT.  That is the time it took me the first time I did it.  It went much faster the second time.  I would say maybe 30 minutes the second time.  I love it when a handmade gift takes under an hour to make!

Felt Baby Shoes

I saw this pic on Pinterest and followed it to a lovely website…  I followed the instructions and presto I had some cute little baby shoes.

On one of the little girls shoes I doubled the felt so it would have a pretty design inside it as well.  I have to say these are awesome little shoes.  AND THEY TOOK LESS THAN ONE HOUR TO MAKE A PAIR!

Yes, you read that correctly, less than one hour for a hand stitched pair of baby shoes.  Can you think of a better gift?  Perhaps, but still, they are awesome!

Camo Shoes

Every little boy needs a pair of these!

Racing Shoes

Racing shoes for your little man!

Girly Shoes

Sassy shoes for your little girl!

I have to say I had a bit more fun making the girly shoes than the boys, but only because they are so sassy!  Either way you go (boy or girl) these are an easy, quick gift to stitch up in less than an hour.




Shhhhhh, the baby is sleeping!

Two friends are having babies soon.  One is having a boy and the other a girl.  I’m having fun making things for them.

I came across a picture of a thing to block the latch on the door from letting the door latch shut.  The purpose, I gather, is to prevent the door from shutting and the child being unable to open the door.  The other purpose was to prevent the door from making noise as it opened or closed and waking the baby.  I looked at the picture and decided I could make one from each of my friends.  I whipped them up last night.

No Latch

No Latch

Flower hat

It is starting to cool off, finally.  I think the high here in Texas will be 88 today.  Not exactly wool cap weather, but we are on our way.  Regardless, I have started on my winter crocheting.

I picked up some yarn at Madtosh Crafts the other day.  Man, I love that store.  I think I’m going to get in trouble too.  The store is so close to my house….

Here’s my first hat of the season.  I made this for a little girl who isn’t here yet.  She should be making her way into the world in November.  I can’t wait!

Flower Hat

Flower hat

Baby Burp Cloths, The Perfect Gift

Someone I worked with was having a baby, or rather his wife was.  What to make… I don’t have kids, so I didn’t know for sure what one would need that could easily be handmade.  I consulted with my fellow hoecakes who have children and they told me burp cloths were the thing to make.  So I  did and boy oh boy was it easy!

I followed the advise of Elisa and got some minky fabric and a coordinating kiddy fabric.  I sewed the wrong sides together (except for the last two inches). Then I used that two inch section to turn in right side out and sewed up the hole. All done.  It was that easy. I love easy!

Robot Burp Cloths

Robot Burp Cloths

A couple of months later another coworker was pregnant.  I whipped these up for her. (I also whipped up a couple of those fabulous pillow cases for her two kids so they didn’t feel left out).  This time around I added some ribbon around the edges.  I think it turned out lovely.

Animal Burp Cloth

Animal Burp Cloth

One thing to keep in mind when you are making these is:  Don’t kill yourself trying to make them perfect.  They are going to be vomited on regularly!

Here are a couple that my fellow hoecake Misty made.  I think they are adorable!

Elephant burp cloths

Elephant burp cloths

Ladybug Burp Cloths

Ladybug Burp Cloths