Crochet Crazy

I’ve gone crochet crazy! Well, maybe I was already there…

I wasn’t thinking when I took the photos with my phone. So they came out different sizes and some are a little blurry, but I wanted to share them with you anyway.  I found some of free patterns (shells and arrows) online the others I made up.

Shells Hat

Shells Hat – made with wool yarn I purchased at

Red Hat and Scarf

Red Hat and Scarf – Made with a chunky wool blend yarn purchased at Joanns

Ribs Hat and Scarf

Ribs Hat and Scarf – made with a chunky wool blend yarn purchased at Joanns

Charcoal Hat

Charcoal Hat – made with wool yarn I purchased at

Arrows Hat

Arrows Hat – made with wool yarn I purchased at

Basket Weave Hat

Basket Weave Hat – made with wool yarn I purchased at


Button Boots

I’m on a crocheting frenzy!  I had a request to make these lovely button boots.  I think they came out quite cute.

Button Boots

Button Boots

Flower hat

It is starting to cool off, finally.  I think the high here in Texas will be 88 today.  Not exactly wool cap weather, but we are on our way.  Regardless, I have started on my winter crocheting.

I picked up some yarn at Madtosh Crafts the other day.  Man, I love that store.  I think I’m going to get in trouble too.  The store is so close to my house….

Here’s my first hat of the season.  I made this for a little girl who isn’t here yet.  She should be making her way into the world in November.  I can’t wait!

Flower Hat

Flower hat