Finally . . . The Delicious Mess is Done!

Finito!  The first quilt I ever made and it only took me six years to get this little project wrapped up . . .

Mine all mine!

Some of you may remember the “before” picture:

I have to give all the credit to my friend Kendall, who was the first to show me how to guide my obsession for fabric in a positive direction.  I’ve hoarded fabric for years and then I discovered a little habit that would not only demand lots of fabric, but would require me to go out and buy MORE.  How perfect.

I have lots of excuses as to why this took so long, most of them are flat out lies but a couple are actually applicable.  One issue was that once I got the fever, I made everyone else in my life a quilt and this poor thing got pushed aside time after time.  Another issue is that I’M BUSY.  And then I think I had another baby in the midst of all this . . . yes, I’m pretty sure I did.  So I got all kinds of crazy determined one weekend and fixed all my little split seams, designed a back for it, and actually drove it to the quilter’s place.

It’s just a simple strip quilt, starting with a fussy cut square in the middle, with strips sewn on clockwise until it was big enough for me to curl up in.

LOVE that center square!

Back was just a gathering of scraps I had:

I would like to point out two things about this quilt.  First, this ADORABLE fabric that I fell in love with.  I don’t even remember where I got it but it’s so cute — little Mommies and Daughters all dolled up and looking like I picture myself and my daughter, even though we’ll  never, ever be this cute or coordinated. Way more likely that we  will get caught by the paparazzi running around in t-shirts that should have been thrown out years ago, cutoffs and flip flops.

Only in my Pretend World

And second and most important, this quilt is MINE for me to keep and love forever and ever.  The first quilt I ever made and the first quilt I’ve ever kept!