Rantings of an Amateur Chef Featuring Me!

Today is the day!  I am a guest blogger on Rantings of an Amateur Chef!

Please go and see my post today and please take some time to read his posts.

He has a fabulous blog!  I’m sure he has inspired many an amateur chef or cook with his posts.

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Food Tips for Busy Moms

My friend, Clayton has some great tips for feeding your kids.  Click on the link below and watch the video on her website.  There are so many things packaged as good food for kids that aren’t.  Watch this so you don’t feed your kids the wrong things!

Who can pass up a tip on how to get your kid to eat broccoli?

She is a Health Coach and she knows what she’s talking about!

Vegetable garden

Vegetable garden

Lyme Disease – Don’t be another victim!

The following is written by a friend of mine.  She has provided us with some important, possibly life saving information.  Please read this!  May is Lyme Disease awareness month, but with this crazy weather we’ve been having the ticks are out in full force.

Featured Writer:  Clayton Robinson

I caught Lyme Disease from my own backyard in Athens, Texas when I was 12 and remained undiagnosed for 24 years. This was in 1985 and Lyme was unheard of in most of our country. I went to the doctor months later with joint pain but was told by our doctor that it was the beginnings of arthritis and I would just have to deal with it. Over the years, the joint pain stayed with me and then in my thirties, it just kept getting worse. My closest friends didn’t really have an idea of how bad I was suffering.

Most people think of Lyme Disease as a minor complication that just makes you tired and flu-like and can be corrected by antibiotics. That is only the case if you are one of the lucky few that catch it in the VERY beginning, which is one reason I am so passionate about educating others against this disease. The amount of people that have it has already surpassed HIV. The numbers are GROWING at an alarming speed. A friend of mine died from Lyme attacking her brain and her heart.  Before you say to yourself, “I’ve been bitten by tons of ticks and have never had the bulls-eye rash”, I want to you remember that I have only been bitten by ONE tick and never had the rash or the flu-like symptoms that accompany it. Fifty percent of people will not have any idea that they were infected.

I had hit bottom with this disease in December 2007. I woke up in tears almost everyday due to pain and I was forgetting conversations that I had the day before. I would get in my car to go to Target and have to go back inside because I forgot where I was going or I couldn’t remember how to find it, a place I had been so many times.  I could not take road trips or sit at a movie because the pain was so severe. I now have lesions in my brain as well as the bacteria getting into my organs, bones and tissues. My blood work showed that I was about 10 years from cancer.

Another sad reality of this disease is that most of our doctors will not test their patients for Lyme because they think that we do not have it in the South, in Texas or many other parts of the U.S. I have been going to doctors all these years that never thought to test me for the disease or to try to figure out what was really wrong with me. The result is that my Lyme was put into a chronic state, which now means that I can never be rid of this disease and I can only hope for remission. I will be fighting the same way someone with Lupus, MS, or cancer is fighting.

Most doctors that will test you for Lyme Disease, will not send it to a proper Lyme testing laboratory. If possible, request a kit from Igenex. They will also test the tick for you, if you choose and it may be a cheaper than getting yourself tested right away.

Lyme Disease is the most misdiagnosed disease in America. It is also called the ‘Great Imitator’. Many people with Lyme have been told that they have: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, MS, etc.

For a symptom list, click on this site:

If you are bitten by a tick do the following:

  1. Remove tick with tweezers – get closest to the head of the tick and pull STRAIGHT OUT – never twist it. Do NOT use a match or any fluids to try to remove it. If you mash, burn, or irritate the tick, you will possibly squeeze any bacteria into your blood stream.
  1. Call your doctor immediately and ask for 2 weeks of oral antibiotics as a precaution. If they refuse, look into natural antibiotics: Grapeseed extract, Colloidal Silver, etc.
  1. Save the tick – put it in a ziploc with date on it in case you want to have the tick tested.Image

Stay well!

Clayton Robinson, Health Coach