Last Chance Canna

The only flower I grow is canna.  I like how low maintenance they are.  I like to devote my time to our vegetable and herb gardens.  I do, however, like pretty flowers.  My canna has given us one last bloom for the season.  I wanted to share the photos of it with you.  It is a thing of beauty.







My cayenne plant is doing the same thing.  It is like a Hail Mary in the last few seconds of the game.  My gardens have gone crazy trying to use this last warm spell to reproduce!

Cayenne 1

Look at all those peppers

The peppers this plant is producing are great!  Just look at the size of them! And they taste wonderful!

Cayenne 2

Look at the size of that pepper!

Its going to be a spicy autumn!


Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Winner

Our champion

The First Annual War of the Roses is over!  The votes are in and it’s official:  The Winner and Queen of the Roses is WAVA MCCULLOUGH! Her photo of this bloom on her Seven Sisters bush in Cross Timbers, Texas took a few breaths away and we have crowned her our Queen.  The fact that her name is W-A-V-A certainly didn’t hurt her in the polls either.

Our Queen wins a custom Queen of the Roses Hoecakes and Hemlines t-shirt.  Be jealous;  they’re awesome.

Since we at Hoecakes and Hemlines are, in general, amazing and wonderful people, we have decided to give ALL of our contestants an official Hoecakes and Hemlines t-shirt.  We loved running this contest and we loved your beautiful photos.

To our contestants, please email your t-shirt size to us at along with an address for shipping, and we will have those on the way in the next week or so.

See you next year!

*Addendum:  I totally forgot to say thank you or even kiss my grits to my sister, Heather Harrison, for helping me obsess over this contest and keep track of the submissions.  Thank yoooooou Heatheroo!

War of Roses — Entry #7

That's just amazing!

I don’t even have the words to present Entry #7 in our War of Roses Contest! This entry belongs to Wava McCullough and is a picture of her Seven Sisters climbing rose bush in Cross Timbers, Texas.  I don’t know which I like better — the cluster beauty of this rose or the perfectly blue sky in the background.  Her official entry is above, but she was also nice enough to include a photo of the entire bush:

I do have one word for this:  JEALOUS! What a lucky gal! Thanks Wava!

Remember to get your entries in before the contest deadline of May 16, 2012.  If you are the lucky winner, you will be proudly sporting your custom designed Hoecakes and Hemlines Queen of the Roses t-shirt.  There can be only one!

Read all about the contest here:

And send your entry TODAY to!!!

( I can say that when I first saw this entry, the only thing I could think was how bad I wished I had a cool name like WAVA!)

War of Roses — Entry #6!

Just WOW!

Today we have our 6th entry into the Hoecakes and Hemlines First Annual War of  Roses, and it is a beauty!  This beautiful burst belongs to Heather Guidry of Fort Worth, Texas.  Very nice Heather!  Thank you for your submission!

Remember readers, the deadline for submission for the War of Roses is May 16, 2012 and the lucky winner will receive a custom made Hoecakes and Hemlines Queen of the Roses t-shirt! The envy of all her friends will be an understatement, my friends!  You can read all the guidelines here:

Why not send your best shot to us at


Entry #5 — War of Roses

Presenting Entry #5 in our First Annual War of Roses — and perhaps my new favorite.  Submitted by Tammi Jane of Fort Worth, Texas.

Don’t forget to email your pics by May 16, 2012 to!! Winner will be crowned Queen of the Roses and get a custom Hoecakes tshirt!!!


War of Roses — Entry #4

Now those are some roses!

Here is Entry #4 into our War of Roses Contest, submitting my our number one fan, Tammi Jane of Fort Worth, Texas.  A beautiful burst of color!

Remember Hoecakes, submit your pics by May 16, 2012 to!


War of Roses – Entry #3

Today I have Entry #3 in our First Annual War of Roses — also submitted by Tammi Jane of Fort Worth, Texas!  A beautiful Desert Rose.

She’s got this thing wrapped up!

Remember to submit your best rose pics to!!!