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Strip Quilt and Matching Pillow Case

I am new to quilting.  Elisa is the person responsible for creating the sewing monster I have become.  At work one day she was telling me how much fun she had quilting and well, I just had to try it.  I drank the Kool-Aid without a second thought!

Here were her instructions:

Cut strips of fabric (as many as it takes to get the size quilt you want). So I purchased some fabric and began cutting strips of different widths. Because I thought it would look better than if they were all uniform.

Pick a fabric for the back.  I did.  I fell in love with a batik fabric. I went with only one fabric for the back. You can use more if you like.

Pick the batting for the inside.  I did. I prefer Warm & Natural Cotton batting.

Pick the fabric to bind the quilt.  I did. A simple brown.

Now to put it all together you:

Sew the strips together in whatever combination you want.

Make a sandwich out of your quilt top, batting, and quilt back.

Trim the edges to make it square.

Her instructions were to “stitch in the ditch” So I sewed in the seams of my quilt top through the batting and the back.

I was so impressed with myself. I was actually quilting! Unbelievable!

Now for the not so fun part. At least for me…

The binding. I cut my fabric in 3″ wide strips, sewed them together into one long piece. Ironed them in half long ways so they were only 1.5″ wide. Then I followed the tutorial Elisa suggested. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INh6sVKJRrA  This woman is amazing!  Her tutorials are gold!

I sewed my binding and viola, I had completed my first quilt!  I drank the Kool-Aid and was in the club!

Strip quilt & matching pillow case

Strip quilt & matching pillow case

I was so excited I decided to make a pillow case to match.

In my house any pillow case on the sofa needs to be removable and washable.  We have a dog and she is allowed on the furniture and loves pillows.  In her mind all the pillows are there for her to lay on.  She just lets us borrow them from time to time.

To make the pillow case I used the left over fabric from the quilt and sewed enough strips together for the front.

I used the lovely batik for the back.  I over lapped the opening on the backside an inch or so.  That way I can easily remove the case, but the pillow won’t be accidentally exposed.

Pillow case opening

Pillow case opening

Completed quilt and matching pillow

Completed quilt and matching pillow