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Salmon and Asparagus — Grillin Time

As it is officially almost summer in Texas (yes, summer starts in March here), let’s have a look at some food hot off the grill. Today our friend Allyson shares her secrets for what most consider a complicated endeavor – grilling seafood.  She whipped up this beautiful plate of food in about 30 minutes. I’ll  let her fill you in:

For this super healthy and delicious dish, let’s start with the asparagus.  Get some heavy duty aluminum foil, make a little boat out of it, and toss that fresh asparagus aboard. Drizzle some olive oil and some minced garlic in there, brush that around, and head to the grill. Dock your foil boat on the rack.  This is going to cook for about 20 minutes, so put this on 10 minutes before you put your salmon on.

Onto the salmon. I prefer fresh salmon, but since we are all short on time these days,  I find the vacuum packed filets are just as tasty.

At first I was scared of putting fish on the grill.  I would wonder “is it done? Will it stick? Is it going to fall apart as soon as I look at it?” One solution I swear by: PAM GRILLING SPRAY. Your meats will flip right over and no mess left for you to scrape off later.

Season your salmon filets with something as simple as spray butter, the juice of a lemon, and minced garlic. Lowry’s marinade works just as well, but if you’re trying to amaze your houseguests with your culinary skills, make a bunch of noise and make sure they see you squeezing a lemon.  It’s impressive. So we’re at about 5 minutes of prep time so far, and you’re already walking this baby out to the patio.

Now here is the easy part – grill the filets for 5 minutes.  Flip them over.  Grill for 5 more minutes. And you’re done. Serve alongside your asparagus.

I served this dish with sautéed bell, yellow and red peppers with some cilantro thrown in, as well as sliced tomatoes and avocado.  Delicious and most of all, easy!