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Floral Arrangment Tutorial — Making the Best of a Bad Flower Situation

Hello Hoecakes.  My sister Heatheroo the Magnificent was nice enough to do another tutorial for me. I can sew an entire quilt but damn! How does she do this?  Amazing.  Here ya go:

You can’t always get what you want.  How true that is when it comes to buying flowers on the run, on a budget, or at the very last minute. Which is just how I do things around here.

So, I will preface this with a little backstory on these arrangements.  I was asked to do 27 arrangements for a friend’s party.  Always on a budget, and to make things worse, I was taken out of my Tom Thumb Floral Department Comfort Zone.  Thought we’d try a less expensive route, and we went Somewhere Else.  Well . . . here’s what you get.  There were NO HYDRANGEAS! That’s like a day without sunshine!

What we were forced to work with were some very low class roses. Obviously these roses come from the wrong side of the tracks. A few tulips that were puny to say the least, and gobs of what were supposed to be Stargazer lilies that weren’t open. OH! Let’s not forget tuberose. Smells fabulous, but doesn’t do that well cutting and using in arrangements.  Aaaaand to top things off most of the lilies weren’t Stargazers at all, but the smell of lilies trumps any clearance sale you’ve ever been to, so it didn’t destroy my little world.

Step One:  Always! Remove the leaves from the stems.  This should be your first step every time.  At some point I’m no longer going to tell you this.  It will become ingrained in your psyche!

Step Two:  I always place my roses first.  You need to develop the habit of cutting your roses where they rest right above the rim of your chose vessel (vase).  I like to block the color together but you can place them however you would like.

Note there are no leaves!

Next we inserted some very brown (ick!) tuberose.  I picked off as much of the brown as I could, but I was  really going for the scent of the tuberose, not the beauty.  They added a little height and dimension just like the tulips did.  I almost always hand the cluster of the tulips a little longer on a side.  Hey, I’m different.

I placed the non-Stargazer lily in the center for a some height and a little pop.  I used the closed lilies for greenery instead of using the ugly greenery they try to sell you at the flower shop. If you’re lucky and you bought good flowers in the first place, they will open up before the rest of the flowers die.

Here is your finished arrangement.  Piece of cake!

My non-crafty friend even did some of the arrangements herself under my tutelage. Her biggest mistake time and again was not cutting the roses to hit right at the rim of the vessel.  Practice, practice, practice.

I will not stray from my glorious Tom Thumb Floral Department again, but I think we were able to make the best of this floral situation. Lesson learned!


Silk Flowers

I love the beauty of flowers but must love them from afar.  I am an allergy SUFFERER and suffer I do!  I put together a silk arrangement to bring the outdoors in so to speak.

I went to Joann’s today after work and picked out some flowers I thought would look good together.  Lucky for me they were all 40% off today and the pot I got was 50% off.

pre arrangement

pre arrangement

I already had some wire cutters so I didn’t have to make that purchase today.

I cut the stems so they would fit in the pot I chose.

I stuck them in the green foam and covered the foam with sisal.

That is all there was to it.  It was so simple.  It took me about 15 minutes and most of that time was spent cutting the stems.

This is what I got for my efforts

silk arrangement

silk arrangement