String Quilt

Put your sunglasses on — and delight in my first attempt at a string quilt:


I swear to God I think it took me two years to finish it.  Of course that is not due to degree of difficulty and certainly not the quilt’s fault. We all know whose fault it is — WORK, specifically my JOB, that seems to interfere on a regular basis with my awesome creativity. So other than just the time consumption, there were a lot of things I loved about the process I  went through to get this thing done. For the first time, I used the paper piecing technique — and I am just about in  LOVE with paper piecing because it is so exact and perfect.  I started with an 8X8 square, and used a glue stick to position the center strip:


As you add each string (it’s really a strip) to each side, set your sewing machine stitch width to almost nothing . . . I don’t know the exact term or number for that, my machine and I communicate through telepathy. After you trim the block using the paper as your guide, this will  ensure that when you go to remove the paper from the back, it is almost perfectly perforated to tear right off without ripping your square from hell to breakfast.  Then you are left with something like this:


I could have just sewn all the pieces together as they were, but why would I do that when I could go completely overboard and sew a border around each block? What was another year of my life anyway? Plus without the borders it was burnin’ my eyes a little.  Here are a couple of close ups:












I fell in love  with a duvet cover once.  Then I realized what an huge pain in my brain it was to deal with a duvet cover.  I am still not exactly sure how it was supposed to work, but it made a great back for my quilt:




Quilted by the fabulous Cowtown Quilter,  bound by hand. And most importantly, FINISHED!