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Circle Quilt — SO CUTE! SO EASY!

This is going to be such an easy tutorial. So easy I’m listing it out in number format: (Now I’m also assuming you have basic quilting skills, which is pretty much all I have. Barely.)

1. Take one yard of fabric, a quilting cotton of course;

2. Cut different sized circles out of your complement fabrics.  Feel free to fussy cut like I did the little cowgirl in the middle. Use your circle cheater template.  No need to make this complicated.

Stole this cowgirl from a pair of my daughter's pajamas. I'm sure she is wondering whatever happened to them.

3. Cut corresponding circles of my favorite product ever, Heat N Bond Lite. Iron them to the back of your fabric circles.

4. Figure out how you want your circles laid out. Peel off the paper backing and iron them on.

5. Machine stitch (or hand stitch if you’re all Fancy Pants and like to make things difficult) around the edges of the circles.  For this quilt I used a zig zag stitch around each circle.

6. Make your backing.  I used some scrappy squares.

7. Take it to my awesome quilt guy — Jerry at Cowtown Quilter — http://www.cowtownquilter.com. Or you can take it to your own awesome quilt person. (This quilt was cute to begin with — but the quilting he did made it WOW).

I mean, look at this. Amazing.

8. Bind as you wish and you’re done.

I love this technique because:  I don’t have to worry about how straight my piecing is. And I don’t have to iron much because we all know how I hate ironing anything.  And I love a project that comes out looking like I just killed myself getting it done, but really, I was doing most of this while watching those nuts on Doomsday Bunkers. Questions welcome!

Scrappy backing.