Felt Baby Shoes

I saw this pic on Pinterest and followed it to a lovely website… http://www.purlbee.com/.  I followed the instructions and presto I had some cute little baby shoes.

On one of the little girls shoes I doubled the felt so it would have a pretty design inside it as well.  I have to say these are awesome little shoes.  AND THEY TOOK LESS THAN ONE HOUR TO MAKE A PAIR!

Yes, you read that correctly, less than one hour for a hand stitched pair of baby shoes.  Can you think of a better gift?  Perhaps, but still, they are awesome!

Camo Shoes

Every little boy needs a pair of these!

Racing Shoes

Racing shoes for your little man!

Girly Shoes

Sassy shoes for your little girl!

I have to say I had a bit more fun making the girly shoes than the boys, but only because they are so sassy!  Either way you go (boy or girl) these are an easy, quick gift to stitch up in less than an hour.





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