Brighten Your Day Quilt

Let me start off by saying I was way out of my comfort zone while making these quilts and pillow cases.  Way out!  My favorite color is brown.  If you were to take a look in my closet you would find mostly brown, black and gray.  If there is something in there that is bright, it is only because my sister talked me into buying it or she bought it for me.  So like I said, way out of my comfort zone.

I made two of these.  My boyfriend and I each have a niece with a birthday this month.  The only guidance their mothers gave me was bright colors, pink and purple.  Ok, well I was their age once so I thought about it.  That didn’t go very far.  Yup, you guessed it. I liked brown then too.

I dove in and just went for bright colors.  I found this variegated blanket binding and used it.  Otherwise I would have used black.  Habit… hey, I could have used brown…

I made a strip quilt and a pillow case to go with it.

A peek of the backside

A peek of the backside

For the pillow case I made a “Magic Pillow Case”.  I posted that on 4/17/12.  Click here to see it.  Again, I went with bright colors on the pillow case.

Quilt with pillow case

Quilt with pillow case

I folded the quilt, put it inside the pillow case and tied a ribbon around it.  I chose ribbon I thought the girls would want to keep and reuse.

Wrapped up

Wrapped up

This project took me 6.5 hours for each set.  This is an easy weekend project.  In my case, I put in an hour here and there after work.


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